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Our specialists will promptly and responsibly repair TVs. We restore plasma, LCD (LCD) TVs and other types of TVs.

Typical TV malfunctions

TV does not turn on Solution:
  • repair of the power supply;
  • restoration of the connector;
  • restoration of the inverter.
No signal Solution:
  • recovery of fees;
  • restoration of the TV tuner;
  • installation of a new antenna input;
Sound problem Solution:
  • board repair;
  • restoration of the connector;
  • replacement of speakers.
Image problem Solution:
  • restoration of the matrix loop;
  • replacement of LEDs or backlight lamps;
  • inverter repair.
Channels not switching Solution:
  • restoration of the control unit;
  • tuner repair;
  • flashing.
TV turns on and off Solution:
  • repair of the power supply;
  • inverter repair;
  • repair of the motherboard.

Rules of using TVs

So that you do not have to look for where to repair the TV, follow the simple rules of operation. We are confident that this will not only help you avoid going to the workshop, but will also extend the life of your favorite digital friend of the whole family.

  1. Do not remove the back of the TV. This applies to any models: plasma, LCD, CRT and projection. The internal components of the device carry high voltages that can be fatal.
  2. Use voltage stabilization devices. Power surges can seriously affect the performance of your TV.
  3. Prevent moisture from entering the case. Drops of water or other liquid will short-circuit or corrode.
  4. Move acoustics and stereos further away. The powerful magnets inside them can interfere with the operation of the TV – for example, cause the appearance of colored spots on the screen.
  5. Clean your room regularly. Dust deposited on the internal components of the TV is the cause of a number of malfunctions, up to and including a fire. To avoid trouble, take your TV set for a preventive cleaning at least once.

And the last one:
Do not trust the repair of TV to random persons – the work on troubleshooting should be carried out by experienced craftsmen. If the trouble does happen, call or come to Spets24 Tallinn – we will quickly bring the TV back to life!


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