Has your Hoverboard, MonoWheel, Scooter and/or Segway completely malfunctioned or is not working properly? We can repair it!

We provide the best customer service possible and offer an extensive range of Hoverboard repairs for Smart Balance, W-motion, Smart, Xiaomi, Ninebot 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ models.

We use high quality components that will help keep your Hoverboard riding smoother, safer and longer than before.

Does your Gyro Scooter constantly give you the following errors and/or has encountered water damage?

  • Gyro Scooter does not ride or stops functioning under heavy weight.
  • The battery drains quickly.
  • Bluetooth and speakers do not work.
  • The motherboard makes a beeping sound when the charger is plugged in.
  • Your scooter is not balanced/level during operation.
  • One or both wheels have stopped functioning when you step onto the pads.
  • One wheel is not spinning even if both sides make a sound when you step on the pads.
  • One LED light keeps flickering and/or stays on even when you’re not standing on the scooter.
  • One side is fully engaged even after you step off.
  • The scooter is too sensitive in general. You cannot power the scooter OFF or ON. The charger color does not turn red when charging or the charger turns red while charging, but the scooter battery indicator light never turns green.
  • Your scooter works intermittently and will shut off after a few seconds to a few minutes even though you’ve charged it.
  • The motor is spinning the opposite way. Blinking Red Light Indicator: 0-9 times etc.
  • The Hoverboard won’t balance on one side or at all, red light blinking, won’t stay charged or your scooter is just broken in half.

If your gyro scooter gives following errors please come to our shop and we fix it.