For the small wind turbine (<10kW) autonomous system (off-grid) for electricity production, there are many good wind areas on the Canary Islands. You only have to avoid the biggest mistake that is always being made when installing - because of a low mast, the wind generator remains in the turbulence area.

For example, a wind generator in the middle of a spacious field produces more energy than a wind turbine located on the coast but surrounded by high trees.
In the off-grid system, the use of a wind generator is rational if the average annual wind speed at the installation site is at least 3.5 m / s. For smaller wind speeds it is more profitable to install only solar panels.

For an on-grid solution, the use of a small wind generator in the economic sense is rather questionable because the average annual wind speed should be 4.5 m / s or higher at the installation site. The places with such wind speeds are common especially on the south and east coast of Tenerife.

Mast Height: The lower edge of the electric roller should be at least 6 m above a higher object located 100 m above the radius.

Recommended minimum altitudes of the mast: open area of ​​the building roof 6m; large field or seafront area 6-12 m; open area with smaller trees and buildings 12-18m; low forest area 18-24m; the upper forest area is 24-30m.