SolarAir EnergyStone – solar panel manufacturer in Northern Europe

EnergyStone is a global industry leader in custom solar module solutions. With highly diverse product offerings, EnergyStone has the proven agility and engineering expertise to meet partner objectives of nearly any capacity. With more than a decade of experience in semiconductor and solar energy research and development, EnergyStone has positioned itself as the leading Northern European developer and manufacturer of solar products and modules.

The company utilizes a unique and proprietary German technology platform, enabling the production of low-cost solar modules on a high volume basis. And we are proud to say that the manufacturing of our materials and products is all done in the Europe. Since 2008 EnergyStone has focused on developing solar module technology through an industrial scale manufacturing process.

Elements of the company’s low-cost technology and manufacturing process include a durable, flexible plastics to minimize handling costs. EnergyStone is positioned for growth through strategic partnerships and identification of complete solar solution opportunities that are carried to market through our partners and distribution channels.

Quality Construction

Our solar panels are produced and manufactured in the Europe and every product is tested prior to shipment to ensure you have the best possible power. The service life of photovoltaic modules and their production quality is related to the process how the metal cell interconnections are soldered onto the solar cell.

The goal here was to minimize the mechanical and thermal load while the cell interconnections are joined, to avoid cell breakage caused by induced stress. Thanks to the laser soldering the connections last much longer and the amount of micro-cracks is close to zero.

Custom Design, Engineering and Production

We will work with you on design, engineering and will create custom energy solution that fits your needs. Within 2018 EnergyStone will produce coloured panels what matches with roof or wall colour.

We've developed panels that interlock perfectly with any type of roof tiles. Unique built-in roof system by EnergyStone combines modern seamless design with practicality.

EnergyStone modules are installed directly onto wooden batten without any costly fittings or mounts. Remove existing roof tiles or build new roof cover. EnergyStone works both ways without the unnecessary hassle.

Industry-leading Expertise

With more than a decade of experience in the solar industry, we have the expertise to deliver the best products and solutions  possible.

This way you can eliminate the negative visual appeal of regular solar roof, forget about bolt-on panels that clutter beautiful rooftops and make solar roof beautiful and affordable by eliminating the excessive.

Customer Service

We provide exceptional customer service before, during and after the sale. We offer our customers an added layer of security by offering industry leading product warranties. To talk to a member of our sales team, call +372 55660550 or +34 679019096 or visit our Contact Us page and we will contact you back.

As the solar industry and the solar panel market rapidly evolve with new and exciting technologies, SolarAir EnergyStone will continue to be the Scandinavian leader in creating and manufacturing unique custom solar solutions. Please find gallery where you can see "How it's made".