EnergyStone was developed at 2015 to avoid technical challenges when simultaneously working on different housing projects. The challenge combined  different tasks - building lasting roofing systems and becoming independent from the grid with strong desire to harness alternative sources of energy.

Existing wind and solar solutions available on the market were either too expensive or unfit for various reasons, mainly poor aesthetic appeal. Research and development in photovoltaic (PV) systems have recently sparked massive revolution by constantly pushing for higher efficiency and delivering more affordable products. PV panels can be viable option in temperate latitudes when designed and erected correctly.

EnergyStone combines the best of the two worlds - we can produce building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) at reasonable cost and guarantee streamlined look? We can interlock solar modules perfectly with the desired type of roof tile.

EnergyStone produces custom framing to match any concrete or clay profile on the market to be installed on the standard batten. EnergyStone will provide maximum protection from the weather and generate power at relatively low costs. EnergyStone panels do not need any additional fittings. Just install modular EnergyStone panels directly on the batten and connect the cables.

Neat looking solar roof that will reduce your monthly energy bills?
EnergyStone was born to stay.



All SolarAir Classic panels are manufactured at our factory in European Union. We track exactly what happens to each panel at every single step of production. SolarAir Classic is specially designed for integration into the rooftop where the glass/glass module acts as a large, strong and safe photovoltaic roof tile or we can install panels of SolarAir Classic on top of existing roof. We install our panels for high quality Renusol frames of German origin. If necessary, it is possible to remove each panel later for servicing so that no other panels are moved. This way you can save money twice: at first on roof tiles or other materials, and then, once again, in reduced electricity bills.

Classic panels are waterproof, ventilated, suitable for pitched roofs and carports with inclination 12°-70° and  fitting like regular roof-tiles. SolarAir offers a 30-year power output guarantee, a 30-year product warranty, and we estimate a 50-year operating lifetime.


During the years of operation, we have been engaged in heating systems for larger houses. In recent years, we have meant the great interest of apartment associations in solvent heating solutions to apartment buildings. This solution is a smart investment by apartment associations for the future, given the prevailing current heating prices in the market. Solar panels for water heating on the roof of the house are one of the options we often recommend. Using free heat from the sun in terms of running costs saves a lot of money. This is especially true in larger houses.


Solar panel sets include all necessary components and free training. We provide solar heating kits only for hot water or for heating and hot water. Many of our customers have opted to use solar energy as an additional source of fuel savings, saving significantly on running costs in the sunny months.

Solar heating is one way to transform an already high energy building into a zero-energy building. Contact us and complete the solution for you according to your wishes. We can offer more than our website is shown. Ask a complete solution for the entire heating system. This way you can get the entire heating system from one place and also help with installation.